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The resume is often the first contact a prospective employer or recruitment consultant has with any candidate. This is your opportunity to quickly gain their interest, display your experience, qualifications and skills whilst retaining their attention. Below are a number of tips on building a resume that will gain and retain interest and provide all the relevant details whilst remaining brief. (If you are responding directly to a specific job advertisement, the importance of a covering letter highlighting particular aspects of your resume is often a valuable addition to your application.)

Personal Details
NB: There is no requirement to include information about your age, marital/parental status or religion.

Personal Details
Professional Qualifications
IT Skills
Employment History
Personal Interests
General Information
Ten Resume Tips
  1. Eliminate typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Ask someone you trust to proof read your CV.
  2. Make a good first impression. You have a limited amount of initial interest time, use it wisely.
  3. Keep it brief. Few people have time to read a 20-page resume, be efficient with your information. A three to four page resume is often sufficient.
  4. Focus your resume on your most recent experience; keep it brief for anything over 10-15 years.
  5. Quantify experience and achievements with facts and figures to show how you performed against specific targets, timelines or KPI's.
  6. Give the employer a chance to see your written communication skills in terms of being organised, logical and concise
  7. Use simple language; do not try to impress employers with elaborate vocabulary.
  8. Be honest, nothing turns an interview sour more quickly than the uncovering of exaggeration or the stretching of the truth on resumes.
  9. Be balanced, neat and structured. Make it appealing to the eye.
  10. This is your opportunity to sell yourself. Emphasise previous wins, promotions and rare skill sets, make yourself very difficult to disregard.

Covering Letter & Candidate Profile
References & Referees

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