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India is basically an agricultural country and its economy depends largely upon its agrarian produce. Agricultural sphere contributes about 25% to the country's GDP. As a result, Indian fertilizer industry has tremendous scope in and outside the country as it is one of the allied parts of agriculture.

Today, Indian Fertilizer Industry is developing in terms of technology. Indian manufacturers are adopting advanced manufacturing processes to prepare innovative new products for Indian agriculture. India has entitled as the third largest producer and exporter of nitrogenous fertilizer.

Fertilizers are chemical compounds that are applied to promote plant and fruit growth. The fertilizer industry has grown as more farmers are looking to grow more crops faster. The industry produces organic fertilizers made of decayed plant and animal matter and inorganic fertilizers that are makes of chemical and minerals.

Fertilizer industry in India is meeting all the requirements of agricultural industry since the time of its inception in 1906. Afterwards, the industry gained impetus in its growth due to green revolution in late sixties, followed by seventies and eighties when fertilizer industry witnessed an incredible boom in the fertilizer production. The tremendous demand of fertilizers has led the country to invest huge in the public, co-operative and in private sectors.

Now, Fertilizer Plants has plenty of jobs for those who want to get indulge into this industry and so Akbar Travels provide a platform to the one who would like associate with this industry. Our motive is to provide best-of-best recruitment services to our clients, so we hold expertise who would help them in developing their organizations and meet their specific requirements in their various processes. We provide Fertilizer Plants recruitment.

We are offer fertilizer industries recruitment agency. We recruit people based on stringent parameters. This includes education, physical fitness, age and antecedents. We also keep in mind the specific requirements of each client as well as the sensitive nature of the job. Our recruitment policies and procedures ensure that right person is selected for the right job. Below is the list of latest jobs available:

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